Real Estate is no longer just a simple Buy/Sell / Invest procedures. Every Clients have their own Needs and requirements on their desired properties purchased. Share with me on your needs and requirements today, allow me to do up a proper planning for you.
For Team Building, looking forward to build a team with strong personality , able to work together as a team, helping each other in achieving our goals and financial freedom.
Be All You Can Be with Team Eminence….!
Dennis had been in Property Industry for the past 6 years and spending 3 years in Financial industry. My Philosophy on client service is the key towards success. I believed that clients wants to work with someone who has a straight forward, honest personality and one who can give informed and knowledgeable advice plannings. Success in estate planning comes through personal communication and making that connection by establishing your clients needs and expectation right from the start as estate planning is the biggest investments. First by listening and followed by delivering.
Diploma in Business Management
CEA certificates ( Real estate )
M5 / M8 / M9 / M9A / HI ( Insurance )
Certificate in NLP
Career Achievements
Top 3 financial consultant ( Insurance ) 2011
Million Dollar Round Table 2015 , 2016, 2017 ( Estate Agent )
And many more achievements !